Alex Kumin is an instructor of Stand Up Seminary and Feminine Comique, classes designed to teach individuals the fundamentals of standup comedy and to help create more effective communication through learning the skills of comedy performance.  No prior experience in writing or comedy is required!

Fem Com, Stand Up Seminary and The Lincoln Lodge are part of Tight Five Productions, a Chicago-based not for profit organization dedicated to the nurturing and development of new comedy talent.

The Feminine Comique gives students the opportunity to spend six weeks in a supportive all-female identified environment while learning the fundamentals necessary to write and perform standup comedy. The class offers the opportunity for personal growth for all students whether they aspire to a professional career in comedy, want to enhance their communication skills or just need to tick 'stand up comedy' off their bucket list! For more information, and registrations details, click here.

 The Stand-Up Seminary is a beginners foundation course that strives to give prospective performers the confidence and skills they need to begin a career in standup comedy or just have some fun trying a new experience!  We offer co-ed training in a five week workshop course that provides foundation skills for those looking to get started in stand-up or simply improve their own communication and public speaking skills.  Standup Seminary culminates with a live performance of the material developed in class.  For more information, including registration details, click here.